Comparable Measurement Results Worldwide
Accurate has joined hands with world leaders ‘Aukom’ to represent their advance CMM Training Seminars in India.

AUKOM Offers

  • Comprehensive, comparable, Machine-independent recognized training to coordinate metrology.
  • Preparation and updating of the didactic training documents for the three training stages
  • Provision of an e-learning system to establish the fundamentals
  • A virtually unparalleled collaboration between globally operating companies enables the AUKOM training standard to be set in production metrology.


  • Need-based, up-to-date, comparable, reviewable and verifiable training courses.
  • Improves the cooperation between the manufacturers & users of coordinate measuring machines.
  • Fundamental and extensive training in the field of industrial production measuring technology, particularly coordinate measuring technology.
  • Develops, promotes & disseminates good coordinate measurement practices.