LVDT / HBT Standard Probes & Ultra Soft Touch Probes

LVDT / HBT STANDARD PROBES DP-S1 / S2M / SC2 / S2 / S4 / 10 / 25 – HBT type Various measuring range: ±0.5mm to ±12.5mm. Excellent resistance to workshop conditions. High resolution & linearity.

Pneumatic Type Probes & Ultra Soft Pneumatic Type Probes

PNUMATIC TYPE PROBES DP-S2A / S4A / 10A – HBT type Simple & low cost system Protecting probes from a damage Measuring range : ±1.0mm to ±5.0mm

Digital Linear Gauge

DL-15 / 45 / 15i / 45i Absolute digital linear gauge Measuring range: 15mm Excellent resistance to workshop conditions Resistant to oil and dust Resolution: 1um Accuracy : Less than +/-1um Compact size

Electronic Micrometer

1~32ch various electronic micrometers. To use for height, thickness, inside/outside diameter, flatness, runout. Various calculation modes(+, -, ×, /, avg, Max, min, M-m, trigonometrical function) Statistical process control by histogram, flow chart, CP/CPK.

Air Type Electronic Micrometers

Air Type Easy view of the result with 3 color LED & Color LCD(ML-4C) Intuitively confirm the state of the part. Various measuring modes & histogram(+, -, average, Max-min) High resolution & reliability.

Wireless Mechanical Bore Gauge

Wireless(Bluetooth) portable bore gauge. Realtime value checking by 2″ color TFT LCD. Various measuring modes(Max, min Avg, Max-min) 1μm resolution. ±0.3μm repeatability. Built-in Li-ion rechargeable battery.

Measuring Module

M2M(Main module) / M2S(Sub module) Easy serial connection module 4ch/8ch module RS232C/RS485(Modbus) support 1 main module + 3 sub module (Max 28ch)

PC software for windows

PC software for DONG-DO units RS232C/RS485 connections Countless units can be added on Master setting, Display edit, Model saving are possible Various calculation modes (+, -, ×, /, avg, Max, min, M-m, user’s functions.)